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Target Couponing Trip 8.2.12

 - by Christine

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Warning:  Couponing rant about bad cashiers and management!  Keep scrolling to see matchups!

I went to two different Target stores today…  I wanted to use the rest of my Glade coupons before they expire, and also wanted to take advantage of the free Rose Art supplies!  Well, the first store I went to, I had the absolute worst experience EVER!!!  The cashier scrutinized every coupon and throughout my transaction called over 4 different supervisors/managers to ask questions about the coupons.  Really??  I fought the battles (knowing that I was right), and won 2 after explaining the deal I was doing.  This store also told me I could only use one Target coupon per transaction.  So, I ended up returning some of the stuff.. I’ve never had a problem with Target accepting anywhere from 2-6 Target printable coupons (not trying to use like 40), but this store’s manager was rude and obviously anti-couponing.  She argued with me about the B1G1 Glade Refills coupons saying that I could not stack a manufacturers and Target coupon, even if I “bought” two items, so I returned those at the first store also.  (According to Target’s corporate coupon policy, you are allowed to stack a manufacturer and Target coupon.)

I told the manager at the first store that I had done these deals and used these coupons at other Target stores (and actually at that store last week), and she said “well take your coupons to another store then.”  Really?!?!  Anyway, after that fiasco I thought I’d try the “good” Target to use the coupons that the first Target wouldn’t let me use.  Of course, I had absolutely no problems using any of my coupons at the second store and everything went perfectly.  (Even the Glade refills deal!)  Take that crazy manager!  I’ll no longer be supporting your store!

Fortunately, after all that, I still got some great deals and even scored some Toy Clearance goodies (70% off!) !!!

Here’s what I got, with coupon matchups!

(9) Glade French Vanilla Candles @ $2.99 each = $26.91
Used:  (3) Buy 2 Glade Candles, Get One Free – SS7.15
And:   (6) $2 off Glade French Vanilla Candle – Target Peelie on Candles
Final Price:  $5.94 or $.66 each!

(14) Glade Expressions Spray Refills @ $1.99 each = $27.86
Used:  (14) $2 off Glade Expressions – SS7.15
Final Price:  $.14 PROFIT!

(10) Glade Scented Oil Twin Refills @ $4.89 each = $48.90
Used:  (5) Buy One Glade Oil Twin Refill, Get One Free – SS7.15 (These took off the max amount of $5.99 each)
And:   (5) Buy One Glade Oil Twin Refill, Get One Free – Target Printable
Final Price:  $5.50 PROFIT!

(2) Gold Bond Travel Size @ $.97 each = $1.94
Used:  (2) $1 off Gold Bond – Printable
Final Price:  $.06 PROFIT!

(1) Comet Stainless Cleaner @ $1.99
Used:  (1) $1 off Comet Stainless Cleaner – Printable
And:   (1) $1 off Comet Stainless Cleaner – Target Printable
Final Price:  $.01 PROFIT!

(5) Papermate Pens @ $.94 each = $4.70
Used:  (5) $1 off Papermate Pens – Target Printable (These rang up at $.94 each)
Final Price:  FREE!

(5) Scotch Tape @ $1 each = $5
Used:  (1) $3 off 5 Scotch Products – Printable (no longer available?)
And:   (4) $.50 off Scotch Tape – Target Printable
Final Price:  FREE!

(2) Rose Art Colored Pencils @ $.52 each = $1.04
(3) Rose Art Glue Sticks @ $.25 each = $.75
(9) Rose Art Crayons @ $.25 each = $2.25
(6) Rose Art Broadline Markers @ $.52 each = $3.12
(7) Rose Art Supertip Markers @ $.52 each = $3.64
Used:  (5) $1 off 3 Rose Art Products – RP7.29
And:   (4) $1 off 3 Rose Art Products – Printable (no longer available?)
Final Price:  $1.80 or $.06 each!

(2) Super Mario Galaxy Figurines @ $1.48 each = $2.96
(TOY CLEARANCE!  Originally $4.99 each)

(2) Bubble Blower Battery Powered @ $1.48 each = $2.96
(TOY CLEARANCE!  Originally $4.99 each)

(1) S’Match Memory Matching Game @ $6.23
(TOY CLEARANCE!  Originally $20.79)

(1) Scrabble Slam Electronic Game @ $4.46
(TOY CLEARANCE!  Originally $14.89)


Total Product Value:  $198.44

Price Paid OOP:  $18.64 !!!

Percentage Savings:  91% !!!


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